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Orphan’s Court of City of Jurmala Has Appointed Older Daughter of Valerijs Maligins to be the Guardian of His Inheritance
Emitents Olainfarm, AS (213800WCG52W62ENOP27)
Veids 2.2. Iekšējā informācija
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Datums 2018-02-07 17:15:52
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Orphan’s Court of City of Jurmala Has Appointed Older Daughter of Valerijs Maligins to be the Guardian of His Inheritance 

Orphan’s court of the City of Jurmala, after assessing the application of Irina Maligina has appointed her the guardian of inheritance of Valerijs Maligins, the verdict becoming effective by February 6, 2018.  The Law provides that entities interested in the inheritance case may request the guardianship over the inheritance to ensure that inheritance is properly managed and preserved until the assets are taken over by heirs. Activities of guardian are being monitored by the Orphan’s court.

Irina Maligina:

“This is a great responsibility.  I am ready to take it and perform with integrity to preserve the value of inheritance for the benefit of all heirs.  As a guardian, among other things, I will exercise the rights of a shareholder in AS Olainfarm and in other companies to make sure that management of those companies can continue working smoothly and implementing approved development plans.  Since my father Valerijs Maligins owned several real estate properties and companies, one of the first tasks would be to identify all the elements of inheritance.  It is also important to care about the real estate properties, manage them, including guarding property and pay the related bills. I have to continue servicing father’s liabilities. I would like to emphasize, that in my actions I will be very pragmatic and will do my best in the best interests of all the heirs.”



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