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SAF Tehnika announces fully redesigned homepage
Emitents SAF Tehnika, AS (48510000F6NVA4T63P67)
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Valoda EN
Statuss Publicēts
Datums 2013-10-29 17:39:07
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Following the latest trends in design and accessibility, on Monday, October 28th, SAF Tehnika switched its old homepage to a brand new fully redesigned one.

www.saftehnika.com has become visually more concise, modern and much easier to navigate. When working on the site’s new design, the company's main goal was to make it as simple and appealing yet visually stunning as possible.

As with the previous version, the new website will provide information on SAF Tehnika’s products, their specifications, upcoming exhibitions and shows, as well as news and highlights. We designed the site so that all the information would be just a few clicks away.

We are especially proud of the financial profile submenu in the Investors section, which has been visually refreshed and made more accessible. Now you will find all the information on share price movements, financial reports, shareholder meeting summaries, stock exchange announcements and all other stock-related news in a single location.

We have also introduced a product comparison table, which should help you navigate our product catalogue and make it easier for you to find and reach your regional sales manager.

The new website design is centered on our care for the customer. Their satisfaction is one of the company's top priorities and the new design serves as the next logical step in SAF’s brand development.

As a nod to the users who, during the years, have gotten used to the previous version of the site, we included a “switch to the old site” feature that will be available for three months from the launch of the new website.

SAF Tehnika is among the world's top microwave carrier-class point-to-point radio manufacturers, publicly traded in NASDAQ, ISO certified, covering the 300MHz-38GHz spectrum and licence-free 5.8MIMO, 17 and 24GHz with capacities up to 720Mbps full-duplex. SAF radios correspond to standards of ETSI, FCC and Industry Canada. 



Edgars Dudko

SAF PR Specialist

Phone: +371 27742646

e-mail: edgars.dudko@saftehnika.com


Investor relations:

Aira Loite

Phone: +371 67046833

e-mail: aira.loite@saftehnika.com