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SAF Tehnika Consolidated Interim Report for Q3 of financial year 2012/13 (1st July 2012 – 31st March 2013)
Emitents SAF Tehnika, AS (48510000F6NVA4T63P67)
Veids Finanšu pārskati
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Datums 2013-05-08 17:07:40
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SAF Tehnika's (further Group) non-audited net sales for the third quarter of financial year 2012/13 were 2.57 million LVL (3.66 million EUR), increasing by 20% compared to the third quarter of the previous financial year. Meanwhile the sales remained on the same level only posting a slight 4% decrease when compared to the previous reporting quarter of the current financial year (Q2 FY 2012/13). The Group reached the financial results by continuing to supply existing projects as well as attracting new business in the strategic markets.
The European, CIS region retained stable sales levels and posted a 8% growth comparing to Q2 FY 2012/13 at the same time growing significantly (20%) against the respective reporting quarter of the previous financial year.
Due to lower activity in existing projects and political instability in markets where Group is present the revenue from Asia, Middle East and Africa region decreased by 31% or 0.2 million LVL (0.29 million EUR) from the previous reporting quarter of the current financial year, meanwhile also showing a 38% year-to-year sales drop. Consequently the region generated only 18% from the total turnover of the reporting quarter, opposed to 34% in the respective reporting quarter of the previous year.
The Americas region which already previously proved to be a strategic region continued to grow both for CFIP Lumina product sales as well as further expanding FreeMile product line posting a combined growth of 36% or 0.3 million LVL (0.43 million EUR) compared to the previous reporting quarter of the current financial year. Consequently the region retained a 42% turnover share from the total group’s turnover of the reporting quarter.
The Group decreased the allowances for bad debtors and made financial gains from favorable USD to LVL, foreign exchange rates positively contributing to the reporting quarter’s profits.
The Group ended third quarter of 2012/13 financial year with a net profit of 270 thousand LVL (384 thousand EUR), which represents an increase of 245 thousand LVL (349 thousand EUR) when compared to respective quarter of previous financial year. 

The Group has always focused on responding to customer and market requirements. Following an extensive R&D activity the Group prepares to launch the first products from a new generation product line supporting extended functionality that addresses many requirements of the existing and potential Group’s customers. Throughout the remaining year Group is determined to complete the whole product line.
The Group will continue to focus on strategic niche markets offering current and new products, customized solutions for specific clients as well as launching promotions for the new product line. Additionally the Group will continue developing it’s managed services offering.
The Group remains financially stable and with positive outlook for the next operating periods. Meanwhile due to market competition pressures and dependencies on customer and market activities, the Board of the Group avoids giving any forward-looking sales and financial result statements.

Aira Loite
Member of the board, COO
Phone: +371 67046833
Mailto: Aira Loite

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