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SAF Tehnika Consolidated Interim Report for Q1 of financial year 2012/13 (1st July 2012 – 30th September 2012)
Emitents SAF Tehnika, AS (48510000F6NVA4T63P67)
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Datums 2012-11-07 09:15:32
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SAF Tehnika's (further Group) non-audited net sales for the first quarter of financial year 2012/13 were 1.92 million LVL (2.73 million EUR), dropping by approximately one third compared to the first quarter of the previous financial year and also decreasing 11% from the previous reporting quarter of the current calendar year (Q4 FY 2011/12).  The financial results can be attributed to the low industry’s activity during the previous and current reporting period as well as fierce price competition in the market with heavy product and business promotion investments made by most of the market players.
The Asia, Middle East and African regions showed recovering signs posting an 11% increase from the previous reporting quarter of the current calendar year, however still reaching only 58% from the sales the Group enjoyed on the respective quarter of the previous financial year. Consequently the region contributed significantly (27%) to the total turnover generated during the reporting quarter.
Although the European, CIS regions regular sales remained stable, due to lack of mid-to-large scale projects the year-to-year turnover decreased 14% or 0.09 million LVL (0.13 million EUR) meanwhile the general region’s industry inactivity during the summer period forced the turnover down by 48% compared to the previous reporting quarter.
The sound position established in the Americas region where further invigorated as the Group continued active marketing activities and implemented specialized product promotions to re-vitalize the sales of CFIP Lumina products along with the already active sales of FreeMile product line. Consequently the sales increased by 43% or 0.25 million LVL (0.36 million EUR) compared to the previous reporting quarter of the current calendar year.
Unfavorable USD to LVL, foreign exchange rates made a negative impact on the reporting quarter’s profits. By implementing a strategy of increasing footprint and local presence in specific target markets, the Group saw an increase in both marketing and operating expenses.
The Group ended first quarter of 2012/13 financial year with a net loss of 120 thousand LVL (171 thousand EUR), which represents a decrease by 598 thousand LVL (851 thousand EUR) when compared to respective quarter of previous financial year where company posted profit.
The Group is constantly progressing with ongoing research and development projects, designing next generation wireless data transmission devices. Further product launches are expected to be announced on the first half of 2013. Meanwhile company retains its focus on customizing existing solutions to better suit specific niche microwave radio customer requirements and considers offering additional network structure and performance consultations as well as managed services. Product quality, production efficiency and excellent client support will be centre of attention.
SAF remains financially stable and capable to withstand periods of lower business activity. Meanwhile the further company’s sales results largely depend on external factors such as availability of production components, financing allocation in customer’s organization, and overall political and economical state in specific regions and  markets, therefore the Board of the Group would like to avoid being specific in predictions of  sales and financial result projections.

Additional information:
Aira Loite
Member of the board, COO
Phone: +371 67046833
Mailto: Aira.Loite@saftehnika.com

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