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JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" plans to invest 444.85 million euros in the development of the electricity transmission system in the next ten years
Emitents Augstsprieguma tīkls, AS (64883LC3F12690GATG87)
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Datums 2024-07-04 11:59:45
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Latvian transmission system operator JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" (AST) plans to invest 444.85 million euros in the development of the transmission system by 2034, of which 82.12 million euros will be co-financed by European Union funds, according to the development plan submitted to the Public Utilities Commission.

"Next year, the transmission system of the Baltic States will begin synchronous operation with the European network, which is a strategic priority of AST, a prerequisite for Latvia's energy independence and a project of common interest of the European Union due to its regional significance. The integration of innovative equipment for system inertia and energy-storage battery systems into the transmission network are among the most important investment projects for the implementation of synchronisation. In addition to that, AST's priority in the coming years will also be the connection of large-scale renewable energy power plants to the transmission system," says AST board member Arnis Daugulis.

The construction of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), which is important for the safety of the Latvian energy system, has already started at the AST substations in Rēzekne and Tume with a total power of 80 MW and a capacity of 160 MWh. The state-of-the-art battery system will provide the high-speed and automatically-activated frequency regulation reserves needed for synchronisation mode. In addition, the battery system will be able to provide these reserves more economically than most conventional plants. Such high-speed reserves will be important both when operating in synchronisation mode and in the future with the share of renewable resources increasingly growing in the energy system.

The installation of three synchronous condensers in Grobiņa, Venstpils and Līksna, which are important for synchronisation, is also underway. They will ensure the necessary inertia in the electric power system, as well as short-circuit power for relay protection and the safe connection of solar and wind power plants. Synchronous condensers are being installed in Latvia, as well as in Lithuania and Estonia - three in each country. Each synchronous condenser station will provide reactive power capacity of 100 MVAr and 2090 MWsec of inertia to the power network.

Until 2034, AST plans to invest 30 to 38 million euros annually in the reconstruction of 330kV and 110kV substations, lines and distribution points, thus ensuring the stable operation of the transmission system, the continuous supply of electricity to the users connected to it in the required amount.

The development of renewable energy sources significantly contributes to achieving Latvia's energy and climate goals by AST connecting renewable power to the electricity transmission network. Currently, the reserved capacity in the transmission network for RES projects comes to 6 GW, with plans to connect a total of 44 RES projects in the next three years. At this moment, multiple RES projects are moving forward with the signing of connection agreements and ongoing construction.

The Latvian transmission system development plan also examines the dynamics of renewable energy power plant connections to the electricity transmission network, as well as prospective offshore development projects in the Baltic Sea region, including potential interconnections between Latvia – Sweden and Baltics – Germany, which in the future could provide opportunities for the export of electricity produced in Latvia.

You can find the development plan 2025-2034 on the AST website:  https://www.ast.lv/en/content/power-transmission-system-development-plan


About JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls"

AST, the Latvian electrical power transmission system operator, ensures uninterrupted and secure transmission of electricity throughout Latvia. Its vision is to become the leading transmission system operator in the region through the efficient and successful implementation of development-oriented changes. AST has 68.46% shareholding in the capital of the operator of the natural gas transmission and storage system AS “Conexus Baltic Grid”.

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