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Eleving Group announces settlement and listing of EUR 50 mln 2023/2028 bonds with a coupon rate of 13%
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Datums 2023-10-31 13:35:59
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Eleving Group, a global multi-brand fintech company, announces the settlement of its EUR 50 mln 13% Senior Secured and Guaranteed 2023/2028 Eurobonds (ISIN DE000A3LL7M4).

Listing of the new bonds on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is expected today, October 31, 2023, and on the Regulated Market of the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange on or around November 6.

All information on the offering process, the securities prospectus approved by the CSSF of Luxembourg, and the documents for inspection are available on the Group’s website: https://eleving.com/investors.  

Aalto Capital (Germany) acts as the Capital Markets Partner of the Group.

The Home Member State of Eleving Group, pursuant to Article 2(1)(i) of Directive 2004/109/EC, is Luxembourg.

About Eleving Group

Eleving Group, founded in 2012 under the name Mogo Finance, currently operates in 16 global markets and on three continents, offering financial services in the mobility and consumer segments. The Group includes the mobility brands Mogo, Primero, Renti, and OX Drive, and the vehicle finance segment accounts for 70% of its operations. In contrast, the consumer finance segment, with Kredo, Sebo, Tigo, and the recently integrated ExpressCredit business, accounts for around 30% of the portfolio. The Group's historical customer base exceeds 500,000 customers worldwide, while the total volume of loans issued is approximately EUR 1.5 billion. The Group's main mission is to serve groups of society that are not customers of traditional banks and to promote an inclusive economy through innovative, easy-to-use, and understandable financial products. The Group ended the first six months of 2023 with solid results across all key business metrics, achieving EBITDA of 36.1 mln and reporting 90.6 mln in revenue and 13.6 mln in net profit before FX. The Group's net portfolio remained stable (EUR 295.1 mln) compared to the previous reporting period for the first three months of 2023. In the second quarter of this year, the international credit rating agency Fitch affirmed Eleving Group's B- rating with a stable outlook. 

For media inquiries 


Arturs Cakars, Eleving Group Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, arturs.cakars@eleving.com