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Eleving Group sees strong appetite from existing and new investors – Public Offer continues until 20 October 2023
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Datums 2023-10-18 09:00:55
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Exchange offer for Mogo AS 2021/2024 bonds completed

Eleving Group, a Latvian head-quartered leading provider of financial and mobility solutions in Central Europe, CIS, Eastern, and Sub-Saharan Africa, rated B- (stable) by Fitch Ratings, reports on the exchange results of Mogo AS 2021/2024 bonds.

As reported, Eleving Group has offered a bond exchange to existing Mogo AS 2021/2024 bondholders from 26 September to 13 October 2023. During the exchange offer, existing Mogo AS 2021/2024 bondholders had the opportunity to exchange the respective bonds for the new Eleving Group senior secured and guaranteed bonds (ISIN DE000A3LL7M4) with a higher fixed coupon rate of 13% and quarterly interest payments. Based on the exchange orders submitted, the company informs that slightly above 50% of the Mogo AS 2021/2024 bondholders will exchange their Latvian notes.

Modestas Sudnius, the CEO of Eleving Group, comments: “We are pleased to announce that the Mogo AS 2021/2024 bond exchange process has been completed, and we have reached a healthy outcome. Given that the new bonds are issued with an international ISIN, this has created technical obstacles in the exchange offer for a certain number of existing bondholders. However, we have noticed that some number of existing bondholders, given the technical nature of this procedure, have opted to subscribe to the new bonds. In the meantime, the public offering of the new bonds continues until 20 October, and so far, we see an excellent demand from retail investors and healthy interest from institutional investors.”  

Until 20 October, anyone interested can buy the new bonds (ISIN DE000A3LL7M4) with a fixed annual interest rate of 13%. The respective bonds are offered to both retail and professional investors. The total size of the issue is limited to EUR 75 000 000. This means that a total of 750,000 units of debt securities with a nominal value of EUR 100 are available for investors. To become a bondholder, an investor must make an investment of at least EUR 1,000, i.e., purchase at least ten bonds. The bonds will have a maturity date of 31 October 2028.

Retail investors may submit their subscription orders via:

  • in Estonia: LHV Pank, Swedbank;
  • in Latvia: SEB, Citadele, Luminor, Signet Bank, BluOr Bank, and in Swedbank if the order exceeds EUR 50 000;
  • in Lithuania: Šiaulių Bankas, SEB, and in Swedbank if the order exceeds EUR 50 000;

Also, as of October 17, for the first time, retail investors have the opportunity to buy high-yield Fractional bonds through the Mintos platform. The initial Mintos offering includes high-yield Fractional Bonds, with Eleving Group as the underlying bond issuer, offering an interest rate of 13%. The minimum investment is set at EUR 50. More information on the new opportunity can be found on the Mintos platform: https://www.mintos.com/en/bonds/invest/.

All information related to the issuance and purchase of the new bonds can be found on the Group's investment platform www.invest.eleving.com.

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Contact information for new investors 

Eleving Group, investors@eleving.com, (or alternatively at +371 24332308 for other inquiries) 

Signet Bank, invest@signetbank.com, + 371 67081058


For media inquiries 

Arturs Cakars, Eleving Group Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, arturs.cakars@eleving.com, +371 25940357