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Eleving Group invites to a webinar about its public bond offering
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Datums 2023-10-06 12:37:08
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Eleving Group invites to join the webinar about the company’s public bond offering to investors in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, which will take place until October 20. The webinar will be held on October 9 at 3 PM (EEST). 

The webinar will be hosted by Modestas Sudnius (CEO) and Māris Kreics (CFO), who will provide an overview on the company’s business, growth story, track record in the global capital markets, and main terms of the current offering. 

Sign up for the webinar via the following link


After filling in the application, attendees will receive a link to the webinar and instructions in their e-mail. When connecting to the Zoom webinar for the first time, you will be asked to download the app.

The webinar will be held in English. After the presentation, a question and answer session will take place. Attendees are welcome to send their questions until October 8 to the e-mail marta.muizniece@nasdaq.com or submit them through the registration link.

Main terms of the offering

Eleving Group is offering up to 750,000 units of senior secured and guaranteed bonds to investors in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. The total volume of the issue is up to EUR 75 mln. The nominal value of the new Eleving Group 2023/2028 bonds (ISIN DE000A3LL7M4) during the public offering is fixed at 100 EUR (100,00%) with a minimum investment of 1,000 EUR (10 bonds). The interest rate of the bonds is set at 13% per annum with quarterly interest payments. The maturity date is October 31, 2028.

Bonds are planned to be listed on the Baltic Bond List shortly after the issue date.

Additional information about the public bond offering is available here: https://invest.eleving.com/

About Eleving Group

'Eleving Group' is a global multi-brand Fintech group established in 2012 that operates in vehicle and consumer financing segments. As of now, the company has 16 markets of operations across three continents. The company has a portfolio of over 500 000 clients worldwide, and the total volume of loans issued exceeds EUR 1.5 billion. In 2020 and 2021, Financial Times ranked Eleving Group among the Top 1000 fastest-growing FinTech companies in Europe. Currently, Eleving Group has more than 2600 employees. The company's bonds are listed on Nasdaq Riga and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In 2023, Eleving Group received 1st place in Nasdaq Baltic Awards in the category of Best Investor Relations on the First North Bond List.


Additional information

Arturs Cakars,

Eleving Group Chief Corporate Affairs Officer


+371 25940357

The information contained in this announcement does not constitute investment advice nor a proposal. Any investment decision should be made based on the Prospectus available at https://invest.eleving.com/