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JSC "Augstspriegumu tīkls" Chairwoman Of The Board Gunta Jekabsone Is Leaving The Position
Emitents Augstsprieguma tīkls, AS (64883LC3F12690GATG87)
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Datums 2023-04-14 15:00:07
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As of August 1, 2023, Gunta Jekabsone will leave the position of Chairwoman of the Board of JSC "Augstsprieguma tikls" (AST), and AST Supervisory Board plans to start the recruitment process for the vacant position shortly.


"The results achieved by AST during the leadership of Gunta Jekabsone, as well as her contribution to the management of the company's change processes, are highly valued. The most important accomplishment is that in this geopolitically complicated time, secure and stable operation of Latvia's electricity transmission system has been ensured, the commercial import of electricity from Russia is terminated, and all of the measures have been taken in order to implement an emergency synchronization procedure with European power grid if deemed necessary. In addition, AST's successful debut on the Stock Market should be noted, successfully issuing green bonds of 100 million EUR and achieving twice as much investor interest as predicted prior. From the successor I also expect long experience and understanding of change management in a highly complex industry in economically and geopolitically tense conditions," explains Kaspars Abolins, Chairman of the AST Supervisory Board.


"The first two years for a Company Manager are the most effective for implementing changes in the organization. I am pleased that, in addition to the company's strategic goals set by the shareholders and the board, I managed to set in motion the change process of AST by the best practices of corporate governance. Digital transformation has successfully begun, strengthening the company's cyber security and creating a modern company work environment, the company's crisis readiness has been improved, and in unison with strengthening internal processes in the company, AST's reputation and role has grown, both on the Baltic scale and in Europe," says Gunta Jekabsone, Chairwoman of the AST Board. Jacobson.


In 2021, the international credit rating agency "S&P Global Ratings" raised AST's credit rating from BBB+ to A- with a stable outlook, which is the highest rating among the main Latvian companies. In the TOP100 of Latvia's most valuable companies in 2021 and 2022, AST was ranked 7th place, in the "Sustainability Index" organized by the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, AST received the high Platinum rating for the third time in 2022.


Gunta Jekabsone was appointed as the Chairwoman of the Board of AST on July 15, 2021, having previously managed the largest Latvian fuel retail company "Circle K Latvia" for six years.


About JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls"

AST is the operator of the Latvian electricity transmission system, which ensures continuous, safe and sustainable efficient energy transmission throughout Latvia. Its vision is to become the region's leading transmission system operator that immediately and successfully implements development-oriented changes. AST owns 68.46% of the capital of JSC Conexus Baltic Grid, the operator of the natural gas transmission and storage system.


More information:

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