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HansaMatrix publishes a new website as it completes the brand refresh process
Emitents HansaMatrix Akciju sabiedrība (529900S1YDO0MHC8K318)
Veids 2.2. Iekšējā informācija
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Datums 2022-08-01 15:46:38
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The stock company HansaMatrix publishes a new website, thus completing the refresh of visual identity.

"We are proud to look in a virtual environment according to modern requirements. We are a high-tech company and in business for over 20 years, it is important for us to go along with time.

We felt it was time to give HansaMatrix a new energy - stronger and more convincing. This is how we ourselves have become over the years - confident in the high quality of the service provided, a stable position in the electronics manufacturing industry in this region and proud of what we have achieved together." says Chairman of the Board Jānis Sams.

"The main goal of the new website is to show who we are, what our values ​​are and what we do as simple as possible. We have created the website entirely from an idea, that was more than a half-year intensive but very exciting project. On the new website, we paid special attention to the page of services we provide, as well as a page for investors, where all our shareholders will be able to easily find information about our performance indicators, corporate governance, shareholder meetings and webinars. However, refreshing the logo is a common practice in the environment of the big brands we all know." adds Līga Baltiņa, Communications Manager.

Investor and media contact:

Māris Macijevskis, CFA
Member of the Management Board, Finance director
Phone: (+371) 6780 0002
E-mail: invest@hansamatrix.com

About HansaMatrix

HansaMatrix is a fast-growing, high-technology company offering product design, industrialization and complete manufacturing services in data networking, Internet of Things, industrial and other high added value business sectors.