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HansaMatrix audited consolidated and parent company audited Financial report for year 2021
Emitents HansaMatrix Akciju sabiedrība (529900S1YDO0MHC8K318)
Veids 1.1 Gada finanšu pārskati un revīzijas ziņojumi
Valoda EN
Statuss Publicēts
Datums 2022-04-29 21:46:06
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Revenue from contracts with customers of HansaMatrix Group in the financial year 2021 amounted to EUR 21.96 million, decreasing by 2.77% compared to the previous financial year 2020. In 2021 the Group significantly improved operational cash flow EBITDA profitability, reaching EBITDA of EUR 3.732 million, which is 23% increase compared to 2020; net loss amounted EUR 1.952 million in comparison with the net loss of EUR 0.847 million in 2020. Normalized profit of the Group in 2021 amounted to EUR 0.928 million and was 107% higher than the corresponding indicator for 2020 of EUR 0.449 million.

Riga, 2022-04-29 20:36 CEST -- HansaMatrix Group completed the 2021 reporting period with revenue from contracts with customers (hereinafter – the turnover) of EUR 21.96 million, which is 2.77% less than the EUR 22.59 million reported in the previous period. During the reporting period, the Group reported EBITDA result of EUR 3.732 million, compared to EUR 3.034 million in 2020; the net loss amounted to EUR 1.952 million, compared to EUR 0.847 million net loss in 2020.

For a better comparison of profitability, the Group calculates normalized profit, which in 2021 amounted to EUR 0.928 million and was 107% higher than the corresponding indicator for 2020 of EUR 0.449 million.

The Parent Company closed the year 2021 with a net turnover of EUR 21.36 million, which is 0.13% less than in EUR 21.39 million in the previous period. During the reporting period, EBITDA amounted to EUR 1,877 million, with an increase of EUR 60.15%, compared to EUR 1.172 million in 2020; net profit was negative and amounted to EUR 1,453 million compared to the net loss of EUR 0.656 million in 2020.

The slight decline in the Group's revenue in 2021 is explained by the global shortage of electronic components. In the 1st half of 2021, the Group very successfully managed the risks of global component shortages and supply chains and achieved very good results, whereas in the second half of 2021 the availability of semiconductors had a significant impact on the Group's financial results, however, the group's EBITDA growth in 2021 is a good performance and is explained by a relatively higher proportion of high value-added products and increasing demand in the data network and industrial sector.

The Group's net profit in 2021 was negatively affected by a number of non-cash flow positions, including changes in the fair value of investment in SIA Zinātnes parks, losses from investments in associates, changes in the fair value of the EIB guarantee and EIB loan, as well as interest expenses related to the lease.

The significant losses of 2021 are mainly due to the Group's assessment of the recoverable value for investments in SIA Zinātnes Parks of EUR 1,358 million due to the significantly increased construction costs of new industrial objects in 2021, due to a loss from the associated company SIA Lightspace Technologies, which are recognized in the Group's 2021 statement of comprehensive income of EUR 0.837 million and in addition to the Group's fair value revaluation of convertible guarantee securities issued in connection with the European Investment Bank (EIB) financing agreement due to the drop in HansaMatrix's weighted average stock market price, reducing the book value of the convertible guarantee securities. Overall, in 2021, the fair value of the above-mentioned security increased by EUR 0.228 million, reducing the Group's net profit accordingly.

During the 12-months of 2021, the Group invested EUR 1.121 million in increasing the production capacity, research instruments, testing systems and development of new products.

Please see explanations of Group audited financial result differences compared to operative financial results in 2021 on page 123 in the Audited Consolidated and Parent Company’s financial reports for the financial year 2020 (hereinafter – the Financial report)

The definitions of alternative performance indicators (APIs) used in the news release can be found on page 127 of the Financial report.


  • HansaMatrix Audited Consolidated and Parent Company’s financial reports for the financial year 2021 (iXBRL and PDF).
  • Auditor’s report.
  • Management Board and Council remuneration report for financial year 2021.
  • Corporate Governance report for financial year 2021.

Investor and media contact: 

Māris Macijevskis, CFA
Member of Management Board, Finance director
Phone: (+371) 6780 0002
E-mail: invest@hansamatrix.com

About AS HansaMatrix

HansaMatrix is a fast-growing, high-technology company offering product design, industrialization and complete manufacturing services in data networking, Internet of Things, industrial and other high added value business sectors.

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