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Notification on convocation of regular meeting of shareholders of JSC “SAF Tehnika” on 8 December, 2021
Emitents SAF Tehnika, AS (48510000F6NVA4T63P67)
Veids 3.1. Papildu regulētā informācija, kas ir jāatklāj saskaņā ar dalībvalsts tiesību aktiem
Valoda EN
Statuss Publicēts
Datums 2021-11-08 16:26:29
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The Board of Directors of “SAF Tehnika” JSC (Reg.No.40003474109, legal address: 24a, Ganibu dambis, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia) informs that it convenes a regular shareholders’ meeting on 8 December, 2021 at 2.00 PM (GMT +2H). 

Due to Covid-19 pandemics to protect the health of shareholders, Group`s employees and society we invite all shareholders to participate in the meeting online without a physical presence. Shareholders, who want to participate in the meeting on-site, must electronically submit a negative Covid-19 test result with issue date no earlier than 6 December, 2021, by the end of working day 7 December and valid Covid-19 certificate.


  1. Approval of report of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Council;
  2. Approval of the annual report for the financial year 2020/2021 and release the Board of Directors from responsibility for financial year 2020/2021;
  3. Taking a decision regarding distribution of FY 2020/2021 profit;
  4. Appointment of the auditor for the financial year 2021/2022 and determination of reward for the auditor;
  5. Approval of Management Board and Supervisory Council remuneration report;
  6. Elections of the Supervisory Council;
  7. Giving the Supervisory Council the task to continue the responsibilities of the Audit Committee.

Shareholders and their representatives can submit draft decisions regarding the issues of the agenda to be discussed on the shareholders meeting until 15 November 2021 by sending them signed with a secure electronic signature to the e-mail address investors@saftehnika.com. Or by sending them by post to the head office at Ganibu dambis 24a, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia.

Draft resolutions on the issues of the agenda to be discussed on the shareholders meeting and the voting form will be published on 24 November 2021. Draft resolutions will be available also on company’s webpage www.saftehnika.com, but on the meeting day at the registration desk.

The total number of shares with a right to vote amounts to 2 970 180 (two million nine hundred seventy thousand one hundred eighty).

Shareholders can participate personally or delegate a representative and to vote in person or to exercise the right to participate and vote remotely by electronic means.

Shareholders may exercise the right to vote in writing before the shareholders' meeting, using a secure electronic signature, by sending a vote to the e-mail address investors@saftehnika.com or in paper sending by post to the address Ganibu dambis 24a, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia. The published voting form must be used for voting. Such a vote will be taken into account if received by the end of 7 December, 2021. Shareholders with such a vote will be considered present at the shareholders' meeting. A shareholder who has voted before the shareholders' meeting may ask the Company to confirm the receipt of the vote. The Company shall send a confirmation to the shareholder immediately upon receipt of the shareholder's vote.

If a shareholder has voted before the meeting, this does not prevent him from attending the meeting in person or joining the meeting remotely and participating in the voting. In this case, the vote previously cast by the shareholder will be canceled and the vote cast during the meeting will be taken into account.

Only persons or entities which are shareholders on the date of record will be entitled to participate in the shareholders’ meeting. The date of record is the end of the day of 30 November 2021.

Registration and identification of shareholders who wish to participate to the meeting remotely will take place in the following order:

  1. By the end of December 7, 2021 shareholders must send a published meeting application form signed with a secure electronic signature to the e-mail address investors@saftehnika.com.  Or signed paper meeting application by post together with a copy of passport or other identification document to the address Ganibu dambis 24a, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia.

          Representatives of shareholders must also attach to the e-mail or parcel legally valid copy of the written power of attorney of the represented shareholder.

  1. Shareholders applied for participation in the meeting remotely will receive an individual connection link to the meeting by e-mail until December 8, 2021 at 12.00 PM.
  1. There will be a video identification held on the day of the meeting from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. for security purposes. Shareholders who have applied for the meeting remotely using the link provided must join the meeting at 1.30 p.m. and be prepared to present an identity document by video so that the Chairman of the meeting can compare the image of the shareholder or representative with the image shown in the identity document. During the identification of the video, the head, shoulders, face without shading of the person and a clearly visible image in the presented document must be visible.

The video and audio streaming of the meeting and the video identification process will be recorded.

  1. Shareholders, who want to participate in the meeting on-site, must electronically submit a negative Covid-19 test result with issue date no earlier than 6 December, 2021. By sending the result to the e-mail address investors@saftehnika.com by the end of working day 7 December and a copy of valid Covid-19 certificate.

Registration of participants will take place at the venue on the day of the shareholders’ meeting – on 8 December 2021 from 1.30 p.m. until 2.00 p.m.

Shareholders at the registration must present a passport or another identification document. Representatives of shareholders at the registration must show a power of attorney witnessed by a notary or a power of attorney legally equal to that and passport or another verifying document. The template of the power of attorney is available on company’s webpage www.saftehnika.com.


About SAF Tehnika:

„SAF Tehnika” JSC is an ISO certified wireless data transmission equipment manufacturer. The company's products are produced in Latvia, Europe and sold in over 130 countries worldwide. „SAF Tehnika” has been listed on Nasdaq  Riga since 2004. SAF Tehnika wholly owns subsidiaries “SAF North America” LLC and  “SAF Services” LLC. Both of the mentioned companies are operating from Denver, CO, the USA serving North American market.


Additional information:
Zane Jozepa
CFO, Member of the Board
+371 67046825

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