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Experienced electronics production manager Jānis Sams appointed as CEO of HansaMatrix
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Datums 2021-05-18 16:47:07
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Jānis Sams, the current Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Management Board, was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the high-tech company HansaMatrix on May 17, 2021.

With the change of the CEO, two new members have been appointed to the Management Board of HansaMatrix - Gatis Grava, HansaMatrix Ventspils manufacturing plant manager and Vitauts Galvanausks, Ogre manufacturing plant manager. Māris Macijevskis continues to serve as HansaMatrix Management Board Member and Chief Financial Officer.

Ilmārs Osmanis, the founder of HansaMatrix, former CEO and Chairman of the Board is leaving both positions.

“I’m excited to accept this challenge and am convinced that as a professional team we can all together achieve our challenging HansaMatrix ambition," said Jānis Sams.

Jānis Sams joined HansaMatrix in June 2020 as Chief Operating Officer. For more than 10 years, he has worked in electronics production management in international companies, gaining the most experience in Schneider Electric’s production plants. He has obtained a master’s degree in comprehensive quality management and an engineering degree in production automation from Riga Technical University.

HansaMatrix Chairman of the Board J.Sams also serves on the Management Board of the Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association, is business management system LEAN expert and shares his experience in the conventions of educational institutions.

Management Board member Gatis Grava has been working for the Company since March 2020 and holds the position of Ventspils manufacturing plant manager. G.Grava has more than 14 years of professional experience in Schneider Electric Group companies in Europe in various management positions, procurement, startegic supplier development as well as developing supply chains in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. G.Grava has a degree in engineering from Riga Technical University.

Management Board member Vitauts Galvanauskas joined HansaMatrix on January 2021 and holds the position of Ogre manufacturing plant manager. He has more than 10 years of previous experience in various production management positions, responsible for quality, process and efficiency improvements and the operational results. V.Galvanausks was responsible for implementation of operational excellence processes in the Consolis Group of companies and also acted as the manager of the Consolis plant in Latvia. V.Galvanausks has a bachelor’s degree in communication science from University of Latvia.

At the moment J. Sams, G.Grava and V.Galvanausks do not own HansaMatrix shares and employee stock options.

HansaMatrix founder Ilmārs Osmanis will devote his knowledge and energy to the development of HansaMatrix’s associated company LightSpace Technologies as its founder and current CEO and remains a significant shareholder in HansaMatrix.

“At this point technology and manufacturing competence has grown in importance and I fully trust in the successful development of the Group driven by a new team. I will devote most of my attention to our associated company LightSpace Technologies in its journey to become a global success in its technology space,” the changes in HansaMatrix management commented Ilmārs Osmanis, who as a founder and CEO in about 20 years has developed HansaMatrix from a start-up to a leading regional electronics contract manufacturer.

Investor and media contact:

Māris Macijevskis, CFA
Management Board Member, Finance director
Phone: (+371) 6780 0002
E-mail: invest@hansamatrix.com


About HansaMatrix

HansaMatrix is a fast-growing, high-technology company operating in the Baltic, Nordic and European markets, developing and industrializing electronic products and systems, providing a full range of manufacturing services in data networking, Internet of Things, industrial systems and other high value-added product business sectors.

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