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The planned investments in the Inčukalns UGS
Emitents Latvijas gāze, AS (097900BGMO0000055872)
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Datums 2008-09-24 11:47:36
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The Joint Stock Company “Latvijas Gāze” plans to continue the implementation of the investment programme at the Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage Facility and in the next three years there will be about 20 million lats necessary in order to implement the programme. Around 45 million lats have been invested in modernization of the facility so far.

Large-scale modernization of the Inčukalns UGS was commenced in 2002. Several important jobs have been completed over this time: a new gas piping unit and a new gas collection point has been built, the system of methanol, power supply and electrochemical protection has been reconstructed. One could also mention the reconstruction of seven wells and many less significant activities. Approximately 45 million lats have been spent for these purposes.

During the next three years it is planned to commence reconstruction of the gas drying unit, capital repair of the gas piping unit, reconstruction of the second gas collection point, as well as safety improvement in numerous wells. The modernization of the wells might go on even till the year 2020. Over the years to come, about 20 million lats are due to be spent for these and minor purposes.

The Inčukalns UGS is a strategic link in the energy supply of Latvia since during the heating season Latvia gets all natural gas from the storage facility, therefore it is important to continue the reconstruction. All jobs are done with a perspective, envisaging the increasing consumption of energy resources in the region. Over the last decade, the JSC “Latvijas Gāze” has invested around 150 million lats in safety improvement of the whole gas supply system and development of the gas pipelines.