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New Hanza Capital, AS Increases its Investment in the VEF Neighbourhood
Emitents New Hanza Capital, AS (549300HG3YO0QBYPSM51)
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Datums 2018-08-01 16:17:27
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Following the Company business targets in the territory of the former State Electrotechnical Factory (VEF), New Hanza Capital, AS subsidiary NHC 2, SIA acquired an additional office building in Riga, Bērzaunes iela 7 for EUR 1.9 million.

The total leasable area of the purchased building amounts to 3 200 m2. Currently there are 18 tenants in the building. The biggest tenant is Sky Dream Clinic, a dental and aesthetic medicine clinic. Along with the building acquisition, NHC 2, SIA took over all of the active lease agreements with existing tenants.

In September 2017, New Hanza Capital, AS identified VEF neighbourhood`s potential as one of Riga’s most promising business and culture centres, when NHC 2, SIA acquired its first office buildings in the neighbourhood: Brīvības gatve 214B, Brīvības gatve 214M, and Bērzaunes iela 1. The total space of these office buildings amounts to 25 000 m2.

“Acquisition of Bērzaunes iela 7 office building was an important step in creating a unified project. We also expect it to increase the value of investments we have made into the VEF territory earlier. In Riga’s city development plan, VEF neighbourhood is marked as a territory with great potential to turn into a new Riga centre. While collaborating with our neighbours in the area, our aim is to transform this neighbourhood into a place for life, work and leisure for people with a passion for technology and innovations”, comments Edgars Miļūns, the Chief Executive Officer of New Hanza Capital, AS.

New Hanza Capital, AS is a company founded in 2006, and has been investing in commercial properties since 2015. New Hanza Capital, AS objective is to invest its own funds, as well as third party funds in commercial properties, sustainably increase rental income and promote long-term property value and capital growth. The Company’s real estate portfolio includes office buildings in the VEF neighbourhood, airBaltic central office at Riga International Airport, logistics centres in Riga and Ķekava Region and other objects. The total leasable area of the premises exceeds 70 000 m2.

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