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JSC "Brivais vilnis" Audited Annual Report 2014
Emitents Brīvais vilnis, AS (48510000158QBL0AK019)
Veids Finanšu pārskati
Valoda EN
Statuss Publicēts
Datums 2015-05-14 17:04:23
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Management Report

The types of activities performed by the JSC “Brivais vilnis” (“the Company”) are processing and canning of fish and fish products, wholesale of food products, including fish, shellfish and mollusc, and other commercial activities classified nowhere else.

Year 2014 was the 23rd year of operation since the Company was transformed into a Joint Stock Company.

In 2014 the JSC „Brivais vilnis” continued modernization of production process, obtained a number of new equipment for production of canned fish products.

We are a leader in product quality, we do not use genetically modified raw materials and synthetic food additives in the production.

In the reporting year the Company carried out the reregistration of the share capital from the Lats to the Euro.

In 2014 we started production of canned fish in multilayer plastic cans, any other producer of canned fish has such type of product. Canned fish in plastic can is tastier and well seen visually.

In 2014 the Company produced a total of 22.5 million cans of various types (157) of canned fish products, including 10.0 million cans of sprat. 22.4 million cans were sold for EUR 12.8 million. Gross profit in 2014 is EUR 1,5 million.

The financial result of the year 2014 is profit of EUR 257 010.  

Impact on the operating results of the JSC “Brivais vilnis” left depreciation of the Russian ruble and devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia. To sell products, the Company had to reduce the selling prices. As well as due to depreciation of the Russian ruble, there was the fall of demand in Russia.

The management of the Company recommends covering of previous years losses with the profit of reporting year.

The Company`s goal is to continue work on introduction of new types of packaging and looking for additional markets in Mexico, China and France in 2014. We are planning intensive visiting of international exhibitions.

As from May 18, 2015 the JSC “Brivais vilnis” will temporarily stop the production to carry annual repairs out. The Company plans to restart the production in the beginning of August, 2015. To ensure fulfilment of orders in summer, the Company has produced the products in required quantity and assortment. All relieved employees will re-start the work in the Company in August.

On behalf of the Board:


Arnolds Babris

Chairman of the Board


May 14, 2015